The Esthetic Manicure
Prescriptive Manicure, using thermal gloves for deeper penetration of vital oils and creams into the hands and nails, softening cuticles, improving hydration of hands and nails .The treatment includes soak, scrub, full nail and cuticle attention, massage and polish.

Esthetic express manicure
Nails are conditioned with oils and creams, filed to shape and followed by a short hand exfoliation, massage and nails buffed to a dull shine.




The Esthetic Pedicure
Esthetic Express Pedicure

French Polish

Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

Your hands are your business card, and nails are the most important and remarkable part of them.

Nail Gels act as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow without breaking. This unique gel in a bottle, with patent pending technology is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel. Each treatment leaves nails with a healthy shine. Soak Off Nail Lacquer can be combined with this treatment to provide a flawless color that lasts.


Manicure and pedicure

French Polish Gel


French Tip Extension

Natural Tip Extension

Clear Tip Extension

UV NAIL GEL (Hard Gel, based on natural nail)

French Tone Gel

Clear Gel

Glitter Gel

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