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Special Hair Treatments 

Learn About What We Offer

Keratin Hair Treatment

The 'Intelligent Brush', is a progressive hair straightening 'textured' technique. It acts on the Keratin and protein of the hair straightening textured technique. It acts on the keratin and protein of the hair, protecting hair from damage and keeping it shiny as well as healthy. It can be applied to any type of hair: colored, uncolored. light-colored, straightened, etc. 
The effect is softness and hair hydration, as well as a significant reduction in the hair volume. One or two applica5ions are enough to have a satisfactory result: shiny, silky and well-treated hair.

Hair Repair System

This professional pro long hair system repairs damaged hair that has been caused by thermal hair styling, chemical treatments, and environmental aggressors such as the sun, dry or humid climates. This high pro long complex system replaces the lost of amino acid by utilizing the proper amino acid composition. Repairing all hair types in an effective and optimum way as well as seal every strand of the hair cuticle. Your hair will be left strong, healthy and beautiful.

Moroccan Hair Mask

The Morrocan hair mask is for all hair types and is ideal to help repair and maintain the fibers, smoothing the hair and restoring lost proteins through deep hydration. 
The formula contains keratin complex, macadamia and wheat proteins. This mask especially provides deep conditioning, resulting in your hair forming back to its natural state. 
This treatment is ideal for hair that is damaged by the sun. salt water, or any chemical exposure.

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