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People come to Esthetic to feel a certain way, not just look a certain way

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Perfect Long Hair

L'Oreal Professional presents Serie Expert Pro Longer, the 1st professional line that renews lengths and fills in ends, powered by the patented thickening technology Filler-A100. No more trade-off between length and thickness.



Full Body Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage

Foot Massage

Intensive Hyper-Pigmentation Facial Treatment

If you are currently suffering with uneven skin pigmentation such as dark spots or acne marks, then the intensive hyper-pigmentation facial treatment is best suited for you. With enzymes gommage peeling, this results in gently exfoliation while stimulating circulation and encouraging cellular regeneration. As dead skin cells are removed, our enzyme mask and oxygen infusion hyper-pigmentation serum will improve skin tone and elasticity, resulting in radiating skin!


Intensive Oxygen Anti Aging Facial Treatment 

There are many factors to why our skin may age such as the sun, lack of hydration, stress and time. The Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment aids in reversing the development of refined lines and slowing down the process of aging. Enzymes are used in the procedure to assist in stimulating circulation and promotes cellular regeneration. A hydrating mask is also applied along with an oxygen infusion to give you the tight and rejuvenated look you are looking for. Antioxidant and face lifting serums will be applied along with a gentle facial lifting massage to promote in releasing stress while toning and lifting facial muscles


Sugar waxing is a three ingredient alternative to daily shaving. Unlike regular wax, our homemade sugar wax binds with the hairs, and not with the skin. Leaving your legs with an almost painless experience.

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